Why is the domain inaccessible

You registered a domain or recently redirected your domain to our hosting platform, but after the migration, the website won’t open in a browser. Inaccessibility of the domain is a frequent reason for requests to the hosting support team. Things to check before contacting the support:

1. If the domain is paid for.
Domains are being paid for separately from the hosting. In your account, check if the domain term has expired. If so, use your account to pay for the domain.

2. The domain has been registered just now.
It takes 6 to 48 hours from the moment of domain registration or DNS entry change. This is needed for the domain information to be updated on the ISP’s side.

3. 24 hours have passed since domain registration. Other people can open the website, but I can’t.The domain redirects you to another host because the provider cached domain information on its servers. What can you do in this situation:
First, check the hosts file on your computer (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts). If it contains a string with your domain, delete it. Note that this file can only be edited in the administrator role.
You can reset the local DNS cache by writing the following command in the command line:
If this does not help, you can temporarily change the DNS servers used on your computer. Instructions to change DNS settings for your operating system are publicly accessible.
You can simply wait for 8 to 72 hours, while the information on domains is updated on your provider’s servers.

4. The domain worked for several days, but stopped functioning.Usually, this happens when the domain was not confirmed in time. Check the name servers specified for your domain using the whois service. If name servers with “verification-hold” values are specified, this is your case. Check your mailbox specified in the domain’s contacts section. You should receive a letter from the domain registrar with a link to confirm it. The domain will become available within 8 to 72 hours after you follow the link. If you did not receive the letter, contact support and request a repeated email.

5. Domain functions with interruptions.
If your website occasionally won’t load, often the reason for this consists in incorrectly specified name servers. You can specify for your domain our or third-party name servers. Check name servers specified for your domain using the whois service. If there are third-party name servers in addition to ours, delete extra name servers. If only our name servers are specified for your domain, and the website is functioning with interruptions, submit a request to the support team, and we will check what may be the reason.

6. The website opens with a blank page, the page with the “Index of” heading, or the page with 403/404 errors.
Domain functions properly. Look for the reason for such errors on the hosting.

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