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01 – Our packages

Cheap Hosting with Free Domain

Package name
Package price
from 1.58 $ per month
when paying for a year
More order period - less cost per month
Number of months Total In a month Discount
12.00 $2 $0%
35.50 $1.83 $8%
610.00 $1.67 $17%
1219.00 $1.58 $21%
Attention! Super discounts for orders over 24 months
2438.00 $1.58 $21%
3655.00 $1.53 $24%
from 2.5 $ per month
when paying for a year
More order period - less cost per month
Number of months Total In a month Discount
12.90 $2.9 $0%
38.50 $2.83 $2%
616.00 $2.67 $8%
1230.00 $2.5 $14%
Attention! Super discounts for orders over 24 months
2450.00 $2.08 $28%
3668.00 $1.89 $35%
from 6.25 $ per month
when paying for a year
More order period - less cost per month
Number of months Total In a month Discount
16.90 $6.9 $0%
320.00 $6.67 $3%
639.00 $6.5 $6%
1275.00 $6.25 $9%
Attention! Super discounts for orders over 24 months
24145.00 $6.04 $12%
36210.00 $5.83 $15%
Maximum savings when ordering 24+ months
Free domain registration
.com.ua, .kiev.ua, .in.ua, .com, .net, .biz for order period from 24 months
.com.ua, .kiev.ua, .in.ua, .com, .net, .biz order period from 6 months
Disk space
1000 MB SSD
100 GB SSD
Number of sites
1 site, subdomain
5 sites, subdomains
100 sites, subdomains
SSL Support
Free SSL Certificate
Let's Encrypt certificate
Let's Encrypt certificate
Let's Encrypt certificate
Number of MySQL databases
Number of mailboxes
Antispam protection
Control Panel
PHP Select PHP 5.2-5.6, 7.0-7.4, 8.0-8.1
View PHPinfo: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 7.3 7.4 8.0
View PHPinfo: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 7.3 7.4 8.0
View PHPinfo: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 7.3 7.4 8.0
CMS Support
Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Bitrix All List
Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Bitrix All List
Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Bitrix All List
Autoinssoft CMS Softaculous
Software Support
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Show list
Show list
PHP memory_limit
512 MB+ (upgradeable)
512 MB+ (upgradeable)
512 MB+ (upgradeable)
1 gbps
1 gbps
1 gbps
Auto backup
SSH access
Tech Support
Test period
7 days How to order?
7 days How to order?
7 days How to order?
Free transfer
Country of location
Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine
Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine
Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine
Payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, Cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT
Order a package
Order a package
Order a package
02 – Advantages

Our Advantages

several points of presence for every taste
own equipment in partner datacenters
great experience in the hosting business
own IP addresses
I want to know more about your benefits

Our locations

  • Ukraine - DC United (Kyiv) Check ping and route: statusua.netxi.in
    Check speed - download file 100mb
  • Netherlands - DC Serverius (Dronten) Check ping and route: statusne.netxi.in
    Check speed - download file 100mb
03 – Our Mission

About us

NETX is a low-cost hosting company with Ukrainian registration, which offers website owners high load speed, stability and a wide range of plans. We aim at continuous improvement of the quality of our services. This is why today, our company offers the following advantages:

  • Equipment that we own, not rent. By placing our own equipment in data centers, we can control all aspects of its performance, as well promptly respond to any malfunctions. 
  • We utilize state-of-the-art SSDs, which ensure fast and reliable hosting. 
  • Our equipment is represented by products from tested and reliable manufacturers – HP and DELL. 
  • Company servers are located in two countries: Ukraine and the Netherlands. 
  • Our customers get three hosting control panels to choose from along with their plan: cPanel, ISPManager5 and BrainyCP. 

NETX advantages include tariff plans, which allow customers looking for low-cost hosting to select a plan with a set of resources they need. With us, you don’t need to pay for the features you don’t use.

04 – Announcements


50GB + 50 sites + BrainyCP!
Hello dear NetX hosting users. Together with BrainyCP, we are announcing a new promotional rate with unlimited validity. Tariff BrainyCP-PROMO. Price $1.9 per month. Disk space: 50 GB SSDNumber of sites: 50Number of MySQL databases: unlimitedNumber of mailboxes: unlimitedControl panel: BrainyCPHost country: Netherlands, UkraineConnection port: 1 gbps Enjoy using.
01 Jan
Joint promo with BrainyCP – one month of free hosting!
Hello! Our hosting company and BrainyCP control panel (https://brainycp.com) are happy to announce our joint promo campaign – one month of free hosting on BrainyCP. To participate in the promotion, order one month of shared hosting, select the BrainyCP panel and enter brainycppromo in the promo code field.
08 Sept
Ping and speed checking added to the home page
Following your requests, we added on the home page links to download files from our servers in various locations and hosts for checking ping and traceroute.
08 Jun
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05 – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are hosting and domain?
  • Speaking of hosting, it primarily means a technology that helps web users see your website. Hosting is part of the server allocated by the provider to host a web resource. Since online projects vary in their scale, providers offer several types of hosting.

    • Shared hosting is the most affordable type of hosting in terms of price and user-friendliness. The low cost of this service is preconditioned by the fact that one server is shared by hundreds and sometimes thousands of users. Every customer gets limited resources based on their plan. This type of hosting suits most web projects. Users don’t need administration skills, as the provider is responsible for any operations related to server setup, debugging and support.
    • VPS (virtual private server) is a type of hosting acquired by owners of large high-performance websites. VPS resembles shared hosting by the server being shared by customers, yet their number is significantly less than in the case of shared hosting. When it comes to differences (which can also be described as advantages), they are numerous: each user gets an “isolated” server fragment and can configure any settings, install software and libraries while using root access. If your web resource is small, VPS is the best website hosting in this case. Certainly, the price of this solution will be considerably higher than the price of shared hosting. On top of that, in addition to the rent fee, you will have to hire an administrator who will be responsible for the technical staff (if needed, you can involve the provider’s specialist and pay for their services at a special rate, with an average cost starting at $10/hour).
    • Unlike two other hosting types, a dedicated server is allocated to one customer, which means no neighbors. By selecting dedicated servers, you agree to forget about cheap website hosting. This service is really expensive, but owners of dedicated servers get multiple advantages and opportunities to develop their online projects.

    NETX has made sure that its customers can both get cheap website hosting by selecting one of the shared hosting plans and more expensive services for high-performance websites. VPS, VPS with dedicated storage, and dedicated servers.

    In addition, we offer names for your online projects. A domain is the website’s address entered by users to see the webpage in the browser. The domain name is unique, so the first thing you need is to check its availability:

    • Enter your domain in the search bar on our website and press “Check Domain” button.
    • If the name is available, you will see a list of available domain zones and price info.
    • Go to the checkout page to buy domain and hosting.

    If the domain name is already taken, you can add digits or a hyphen to it.

    Note that the domain must be extended annually. NETX sends its customers reminders about the coming expiration of names. This is why we recommend specifying up-to-date email at the time of purchasing our company services. Otherwise, you risk losing your domain, which will result in users not being able to visit your website.

  • How to install CMS on your hosting without relevant experience and knowledge?
  • The best hosting for the website is easily manageable hosting. NETX made sure that its customers don’t experience any difficulties. This is why customers using cPanel may take advantage of Softaculous installer, the designated service for prompt engine installation.

    You will not have to deal with the installation of a content management system, creating a database and so on. Just select one of 300 popular CMS and press a couple of buttons. The installation will take no more than a couple of minutes, and all you need is hosting and domain.

    Engines in Softaculous are categorized, so if you don’t know which CMS you need, you can consider several solutions and select the one that meets your requirements. On top of that, you can delete the engine at any time if you don’t like it and immediately install another one.

  • How many websites can be installed on the hosting?
  • The number of websites and subdomains available for hosting are regulated by the selected tariff plan:

      • “Beginner” plan includes 1 website and 1 subdomain.
      • “Master” plan includes 5 websites and 5 subdomains.
      • “Expert” plan includes 100 websites and 100 subdomains.

    A subdomain is a third-level domain linked to your domain. E.g., if you have a domain site.com, you can create a subdomain catalog.site.com.

    If your plan includes 1 website, and later you need to host 2 or 3 web resources, just switch to the plan that includes the required number of resources.

  • Can I upload the website to the hosting myself?
  • “How to download a website on the hosting?” is one of the most common questions among new customers. To do this, you need to access your hosting account’s control panel or an FTP client. Credentials can be found in the email from your provider sent to you right after you order the tariff plan.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to upload the website to the hosting using an FTP client:

    • Open the software and specify the host, username, password, and port.
    • Open a folder with website files on the left side of the FTP client and select the folder you need (usually public_html) on the right.
    • Move the files from the left side to the right one.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to upload a website to the hosting using a file manager in the hosting account:

    • Enter the hosting control panel.
    • Go to the “File Manager” section.
    • Open the website folder (public_html or another).
    • Upload the archive with files to this folder and then unpack it..

    If you have any questions or issues when following these steps, contact support. Our specialists will give you more detailed instructions and help you figure out what went wrong.

  • Can I move the website from one hosting to another myself?
  • Migration of the website from one hosting to another consists of several steps.

    Log into the current provider’s control panel::

    • Open the “File Manager” section (or use an FTP client) and download archived website files.
    • Open my phpMyAdmin panel, find the website database and export it.

    Log into the new provider’s control panel:

    • Open the “File Manager” section (or use FTP client) and upload the downloaded archive to the website folder, then unpack it.
    • Open the “MSQL Database” section and create 1. New Database. 2. New user. Link the database and the user by giving the latter access rights.
    • Open the phpMyAdmin section, find a new database and import the previously downloaded database into it.
    • Open a configuration file (depending on the CMS, the name may vary and be located in different folders of website files) and enter a new database name, username and password instead of old ones.

    New NETX customers don’t necessarily need to complete the migration by themselves. When applying for a plan, request website migration and provide credentials to access your old hosting. Our specialists will migrate up to 3 websites for free.

  • How to link a domain name to the hosting?
  • The domain name is linked to the hosting if the username and website hosting location on the server were purchased from different service providers. Simply put, if the domain and hosting were purchased from NETX, you don’t need to link them.

    How to link your domain to hosting: open the provider’s email with relevant credentials to sign in to the control panel, FTP client, etc. Find data on NS servers and enter them into the same fields in the domain registrar’s account.

  • What is the hosting control panel?
  • A hosting control panel is a designated software used to easily manage websites, domains, databases, mail, etc.

    Modern providers offer their customers multiple solutions, both well-known and custom. Today, there are several undisputed leaders, like cPanel and ISPmanager. They, as well as BrainyCP, can be found in the list of panels available at the time of purchase of the NETX hosting plan. Select one of the suggested options, and the software will be installed automatically..

  • How to select the right hosting for your website?
  • Many website owners find it difficult to select the hosting. To make the right choice of the plan, first, decide on the size of the required resources. To learn more about this and other technical peculiarities of your online project, contact specialists involved in their development.

    In addition, when selecting hosting for your website, try to find the company that guarantees high uptime (server uptime), i.e., at least 99.9%.

    Quality support is a very important criterion that must be considered by everyone looking for low-cost website hosting. A trial period will help you check how support works even before you buy the plan.

    Most companies offer their customers hosting with a trial period. The duration of the free trial varies depending on the provider. For instance, it lasts 7 days with NETX – this time is enough to test the quality of services and the functioning of the support team.

    There are no restrictions during the trial period. You can use any platform options and features for website hosting. If the trial ends and you realize that the selected plan is not right for you, you can choose another plan before making your payment.

  • Can I find out the hosting of someone else’s website?
  • Yes, you can find out about website hosting (e.g., your competitor’s) by using one of the numerous specialized online services.

    To find the right platform, enter a query “how to find out website’s hosting” in the search engine. Once you go directly to the web resource, just enter the domain name you need and wait a couple of minutes..

  • What is website backup?
  • Website backup is a copy of all files, databases and scripts of your online project. A backup copy can come in handy when you need to restore your web resource for some reason (for example, because of viruses, hacking attacks, etc.)..

    Hosting customers can back up the copy themselves using third-party services and modules or tools available in the account control panel. Note that backup can be full (the entire website is copied and saved) and partial (only a fragment, such as files and database, is copied and saved).

    By the way, automatic backup made by the provider is a feature worth considering when making a decision to buy website hosting.

    NETX hosting backs up data twice a week. Customers may get their backed-up copies after submitting a relevant request to the support team.

  • What is an SSL certificate and why is it needed?
  • SSL certificate is a digital signature required to maintain a secure connection between the website and the user’s browser using the HTTPS protocol. Until recently, SSL certificates were mostly used for web projects receiving sensitive information from users (e.g., bank card data).

    Installation of the SSL certificate is now required for all online resources. First, the audience trust is higher due to the small green lock in the search bar. Second, you don’t have to worry about any possible ranking losses – now a lack of an SSL certificate may lead to problems.

    In short, even if you’re lucky to find the most reliable and the best hosting, you just can’t do without an SSL certificate, which enhances website security.

    SSL certificates may be free or provided for a fee. In most cases, the simplest certificate with domain validation is enough. When you buy hosting for your website, ask your provider if they offer access to non-commercial certificates.

    For instance, NETX offers its customers a free Let's Encrypt solution, and the installation takes no more than a couple of minutes.

    • Select the domain you need and press the “Issue” button opposite it..
    • Check relevant items (Include?, Include Wildcard*?, Add cPanel subdomains**?).
    • Press “Issue”.

    Don’t close the page until you see the message about successful installation. Note that not all providers offer this service. Therefore, if you want to buy hosting for your website with the possibility of installing Let's Encrypt, be sure to ask whether you can get this certificate after you pay for company services.

  • Can I change my hosting plan?
  • Yes, NETX customers can change their plan at any time. To do this, go to your account and open the service package selection section. Switching to another plan is free, but if the website was migrated before the expiration of the current plan, you will need to replenish your account for this amount.

  • How can I save on hosting?
  • Today, almost every cheap hosting can cost you even cheaper. Let’s see how to do it based on the NETX example::

    • First, you can get a discount by ordering hosting for six months and more.
    • Second, you can register a domain name for free by paying for 6 or more months of your plan.
    • Third, keep an eye on company promotions and special offers: the provider gives bonuses and discounts both to new and regular customers.

    With NETX, you can pay less while receiving good quality hosting!

  • What is support responsible for?
  • NETX support offers its customers 24/7 help with various issues. Support can be contacted via three channels: email, online chat and tickets. Specialists are responsible for fixing issues related to server operation, hosting control panel and user account, as well as for consulting on setting up email, MySQL, Apache, FTP, etc.

    In addition, support notified customers of scheduled and unscheduled works on the server.

    Note that the support team can deny help to customers if the task refers to changes in website code, script performance checking, and installing/setting up software on the user’s PC.

  • How to pay for the plan?
  • NETX offers 40+ payment methods. Therefore, you can effortlessly buy your hosting regardless of your location.

    If at the time of payment, you experience issues or you are not sure if the payment got through, contact support and our specialists will fix this issue as soon as reasonably possible.