Abuse policy

NetX hosting provider observes applicable legislation of the countries where it operates.

Therefore, any complaints of abuse received by the company are forwarded for review and then processed without fail. NetX has zero tolerance for abuse.

The provider reserves the right to reject the provision of website hosting services, where the websites exhibit signs of law violations.

When we receive complaints, the actions on the part of the hosting provider and that of the customer may differ, depending on the content of such complaint and the identity of the submitter.

If the complaint was sent directly to the data center where the provider’s equipment is located, the relevant web resource will be blocked until all circumstances of the incident are established. The text of the complaint is always sent to the website owner.

In case of infringement of copyright, licenses, specific posts on web resource’s webpages and so on, the website may be unblocked and the cooperation between the customer and the hosting resumed only after recorded violations are eliminated in full.

The cooperation may be terminated unilaterally in case of obvious violation of rules (e.g., fishing, using a web resource for illegal activities).

If NetX receives a substantiated and documented complaint, it forwards this complaint further to the website owner. This way, parties can settle the issue amicably within 6–72 hours. The duration varies depending on the circumstances of the situation.

If the complaint is not documented, it is forwarded to the customer, and the provider may suspend the account at its discretion.