Handling complaints

Hosting provider Netx complies with the laws in force in the countries in which it operates.

Therefore, any complaints (abuses) that come to the company are submitted for consideration, and then processed without fail. Netx is not a bulletproof hosting.

The Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide services for hosting sites, the content of which has signs of violation of the law.

When receiving complaints, the actions on the part of the hosting provider and on the part of the client may differ - it all depends on what the complaint is about, as well as on the sender.

If the complaint is sent directly to the data center where the provider's equipment is based, the web resource that caused the complaint will be blocked until the circumstances of the incident are established. The text of the complaint is always sent to the site owner.

In case of violation of copyright, licensing, specific publications on the pages of a web resource, etc., the removal of blocking and cooperation between the client and hosting will continue only after the recorded violations are completely eradicated.

Cooperation can be terminated unilaterally if there is an obvious violation of the rules (for example, phishing, using a web resource for illegal activities).

If a justified and documented complaint arrives at the address of the Netx provider, the appeal is forwarded to the site owner. In this case, the parties can resolve the issue amicably within 6-72 hours - the time varies depending on the circumstances of the situation.

If the complaint does not have documentary evidence, it is sent to the client, and a ban on further use of the account is introduced at the discretion of the provider.