The difference between domain zones

There is a specific reason for countless domain zones today – a lack of names for all those wanting to receive them.

Initially, there were seven top-level domains – com, edu, mil, net, org, int. They are called gTLD (generic Top-Level Domains) and were initially used for various topics (com – commercial, edu – educational, gov – governmental, etc.). In 2000, they were supplemented by aero, coop, museum. New domains were added to account for a fast-growing Internet network (new gTLD).

To meet the needs of fast-growing Internet segments, it was decided to abandon sticking to domain division and thus, geographical location-based domains appeared. New domains were created for every country based on suffixes (a two-letter abbreviation for different countries of the world). Within these domains for different countries, subdomain names can vary, since subdomain names are regulated only by individual organizations (governmental or not) in these countries, but as a rule, the division by analogy with the original scheme – by the organization – is used. This is how such domains as com.ua, org.ua, and net.ua appeared. Also, regional domains are distinguished by analogy: kiev.ua, dp.ua, ck.ua.

When selecting a domain, focus on your target audience first. If your website is intended for a target audience in a specific region, select a regional domain (in this case, search systems will prioritize it). When your website is targeted at residents of a specific country, use this country’s root domain (.ua), or gTLD domain of this country (.org.ua, com.ua...). If the website is supposed to cover the entire world and visitors will visit it from various countries, consider top-level domains. When selecting a domain, it is advisable to repeat a word from the website heading in it, as this will be perceived well by search engines. Preferably, the domain name should reflect the main focus of the website, it should be short (some specialists even recommend deleting the www subdomain) and memorable.

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