How to connect to the server via SSH

Despite the numerous server control panels available, the main administration method consists in a direct connection to the command line. This is done using the SSH protocol. It is still very popular with administrators, as it grants direct access to the command line of the remote server, which means flexibility and full control over the system.

Beginners are usually scared of using this protocol perceiving it as something incomprehensible and alien. Basically, this is due to the lack of experience in working in the Linux command line. However, if you selected a VPS or a dedicated server for yourself, you will definitely need these skills. This is why we recommend reviewing basic commands and administration principles right after you buy the service. After some time, the command line will seem like the most convenient administration tool ever.

Connection over SSH is possible with the help of a dedicated client.

PuTTy is a popular SSH client that can be used to execute various commands. This is free cross-platform software with a multitude of useful features and settings. It logs your actions, and you can use it to set the font, color or console resolution. You can also use it to save the login key and forget about entering your login and password all the time.

Download this software from the official website, where you can also review documentation and frequently asked questions.

If you have a hosting account rather than your personal server, you need to enable SSH access in your account before starting the connection.

To get started, run the main executable file. In the window that opens, enter the server’s name and IP in the “Name or IP address” field. We recommend using a default port 22. Press Connect and the console will open. To sign in to the server, enter your login and password.

In the “Login As” field enter your username (“root” login is mostly used for VPS/dedicated server, while to connect to your hosting account, you need to enter account credentials sent to your email upon registration). Press Enter. The word “Password” will appear. Type your password for SSH access (sent to your email upon service activation). The characters will not be visible during typing. Don’t worry, this is normal. Just type your password and hit ENTER.

Standard key combinations, like Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C, do not work in PuTTy. Everything you highlight with the mouse is copied to the clipboard, and if you want to paste the line from the clipboard, right-click or use SHIFT+INSERT.

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